Aromatherapy Meditation Beads

Moon Shadow Essentials

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 These meditation beads are great for of course meditation, prayer or used as a mini mala. they are large enough to wrap around the wrist twice and have a loose fit.

 The basalt beads are capable of holding a scent so you are able to apply your favorite scent or an oil with a specific purpose.

All items are heavily researched and lovingly crafted with intention.

Warning: Choking hazard keep out of reach of children.

Stone Index

Astral: Basalt and Blue Goldstone

Focus: Basalt, Amethyst and Hematite

Healer: Basalt and Tree Agate

Moon: Basalt and Moonstone

Prosperity: Basalt and Pyrite

Protection: Basalt and Rainbow Obsidian

Sun: Basalt and Sunstone

Chakra: Basalt and color associated chakra stones